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(Reblog) How to change colour of text on your banner

I know I said won't post more tutorials. I feel genueinly guilty for filling your feed with book-unrelated stuff. I'm sorry for spamming, but someone actually had problem with this. Specificity. And since the solution is incredibly easy, I thought I'd share.



This is what we want to change:




This is html code in question (it will be close to the top of a page):




we want to add code:


style="color: colour-name"


(as always, name of a colour can be given as a word or code)







or in colour code (http://html-color-codes.info/ - a good site for getting those codes):



That's the only hash-tag you'll see me use:





*most of those colours have names too, but they're silly - http://www.computerhope.com/htmcolor.htm


*Pay attention to quotation marks.




You can also add other commands to, for example, change size of this section:



            color: white;
            width: 700px">





There. Shortest tutorial of all time.



And in case you're wandering (he he, wondering), title colour is set here:





If all of this is ridiculously obvious for you, I apologize.


If you have any more questions about the code, please ask.




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